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31 July 2005

SmackDown! Notes 29.07.05

SmackDown! was really bad this week, so I won't have much to say:

- Teddy Long and JBL yammered on for ages about nothing.

- Chris Benoit and Booker T beat Christian and Orlando Jordan in a long, drawn-out match that should have been far more interesting than it actually was.

- You know who would have made a great tag team at one point? Booker T and Kurt Angle. There's something about those two that would have made them a great combo. Ain't gonna happen now, though.

- Animal and Heidenreich squashed Chris Hamrick and some other guy. Wasn't Hamrick a big time heel in the dying days of ECW? My, how the mighty have fallen...

- MNM now have a 'fixer'. And how's this for a gimmick: she's got a funny growth on her face, like that nurse in South Park with the stillborn foetus on the side of her head in. Har-de-har-har. That's probably all I'll ever have to say about her.

- Eddie finally told the secret - not that it was a secret, because anyone with two brain cells to rub together could have seen it coming. But what I want to know is: why didn't they reveal it at the pay-per-view? I mean, they did sell the show on the premise that the secret might be revealed, so why did they cheat it out of the fans then, and then give the secret away for free four days later? That's the kind of booking that made WCW collapse on itself.

- Did you notice how convenient is was that there was an empty chair propped against the barrier so Rey's son could use it as a step up to get into the crowd and run away? God this whole angle is so fucking lame!

- Showing the Lord Alfred Hayes tribute video again isn't going to make up for this terrible show, you know.

- William Regal has an 'English' entrance theme once more. Also, the Mexicools again interrupted one of his matches. Why do I notice these things? Oh god I'm losing the will to live.

- In the main event, JBL and the Undertaker tumbled around the ring for half an hour in an interminable, yawn-inducing match. I was so bored I didn't even notice Randy Orton do a run-in at the end. Blah.

And so to bed.


At 9:48 a.m., Blogger Graham - GAD123 said...

I have the American Bash PPV on tape just watching it at my leisure, what was the secret?

When is Brock coming back? He rocked! ;)

At 7:22 p.m., Blogger MacDara said...

You probably know by now, but the 'big secret' was that Eddie is really Dominik's father. Like we didn't see that coming.

As for Brock? I'll be writing something about him here soon (I've got a backlogs of posts written up already). He'll be back soon, I expect. is really dragging out the worked shoot over his contract signing.


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