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15 August 2005

Raw Notes 09.08.05

- Okay, so first Pittsburgh turned into Bizarro-world, with Eugene getting booed out of the building while the dastardly heel Kurt Angle (who, lets not forget, was a rapist in his most recent storyline) got the loudest ovation he's had in years. Then Angle tried to piss it all away by insulting the crowd - but strangely still gets cheers and chants in his favour. To top all that off, Hulk Hogan comes out for the cheapest heat ever, and now suddenly everyone's cheering for Eugene again. I don't know anything anymore.

- Shelton Benjamin got fed to the lions again. I can just imagine the bookers' meeting now: "So, this Masters guy is more reckless than Hardcore Holly, but dammit, Vince has spent so much money on him, he has to wrestle someone!" "Who have we got heat with this month?" "Benjamin?" "Hell, let's teach that young punk a lesson!"

- You can tell how sorry JR feels for the guy as he calls the match. It's like a punishment for him too, having to put up with the King and the Coach pushing Masters to the rafters (the King sure changed his tune quickly, didn't he?).

- Did Big Vis say 'Mu Fanchu'?

- Why is Vis getting a push, anyway? At least the Conman went over; I'm starting to like this new direction for Rob Conway. But he's missing something... like a manager, maybe, or a valet. If you're gonna go old school, you might as well go all the way.

- Poor Chad Patton. I call for another referees' strike!

- You know, I don't know whether JR really hates the Coach, or if it's all just a work to keep the smart marks guessing.

- Matt Hardy returned, officially, and really took it to the 'roid freak Snitsky. He's put on a lot of muscle in the year since his last match, so he doesn't look like such an underdog. Still no shooting on Johnny Ace, though.

Hmm, was that it? I guess the rest of the show wasn't worth commenting on.


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